Sunday, September 4, 2011

Don't Let Life's Lemons Leave You Sour

      Cliche'd as it seems,   the advice to make lemonade with your lemons can be a good strategy.   Whatever you are facing,  consider that your outlook and subsequent response will dramatically impact your ability to cope.    It has long been known that cheery hopefulness and optimism do a greater service to the cancer survivor than doom and gloom that has enveloped many a victim.   Laying down and waiting on things to get worse decries a certain fatalism that will bring about the self fulfilling prophecy that no one really looks forward to.   So even when it seems hopeless,  just know that people have survived and thrived their way through worse.

1.  Financial Disaster -  This being so common right now,  and true for me as well,  I thought it would be a good topic to cover.   Be willing to let go of things you don't need.   Have a yard sale,  sell excess belongings on ebay,  or look for a niche where you can provide a service.    Look into the legalities for your state but in this economic climate there may be areas that in a different economy would not necessarily have potential,  but would now take off dramatically in the current climate.    One cool idea is to offer your clean up and sanitation services  to banks that own homes that are foreclosed and need to be cleaned up for a quick sale.      Think outside the box and brainstorm what is occupying people that you could do for them to make a modest wage.     Also remember that people who underestimate themselves will rarely be able to convince others of their value.     Exude confidence and assurance if you want a positive response.     Offer a great value.   This is a big deal because people are looking for a bargain.   You've heard it before;  money is not growing on trees so keep in mind that to grow a business right now you may need to be willing to  charge less in order to get more work.

2.   Relationships - Live in honesty,  treat others how you want to be treated,  and forgive as much as possible.    If you cling to every wrong and demand apologies from all you will die angry and befuddled.   Just remind yourself of the times you were wrong but too stubborn to admit it.    Realize that you are dealing with other flawed humans and it will stink on occasion to number your self among the living :)    Take cheer in the fact that what goes around usually does return to the sender in some form or another.    Pick your friends wisely and choose your marriage mate based on how they treat you and others.   If he/she is rude and thoughtless while dating,  it will not get better,  but more than likely it will get worse!      Rule of thumb whether a guy or a gal,    if you're afraid to let them meet the family,   then either your family or the prospective spouse needs a tune up!    We can rarely fix others so don't go into a friendship or a marriage with the idea that you can change a person.    This has ended in tragedy more often than not.

3.    God - To fully live your life with the ability to bounce back like a red rubber ball I prescribe God.   He is changeless, timeless, and ever compassionate and desirous of our love and devotion.   In return for your love and devotion you will have the enviable assurance that somehow all will be alright.    I am living proof of this fact.    No matter how loud the blare in my ears becomes,  no matter how strong the storm winds blow,  I am at peace.    Peace that surpasses all understanding,  supernaturally infused within my heart by praying to the 'One' who has "all" right in the palm of His hand.  

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