Friday, August 12, 2011

Getting Rid of Life Clutter

    Are you one of those people who's afraid to throw things away for fear that you will forget a long held memory?   Well if that's you,  something besides physical junk could be clogging your experiences,  fogging your view and in general just holding you back.   It's life clutter.   It's worry, fear, anger,  bitterness, unforgiveness.     Each of these emotions are telling you that you need to let go of something.   Letting go of control of others,  career problems,  or just a bad day can go a long way in restoring joy to your perspective.     Make a vow to yourself to only dwell on any  given problem for the time it takes to resolve it or give in to it.   You've probably heard the phrase,  "Go with the flow."  Well,  such good advice sometimes needs to be taken!   We all need peace in our soul in order to be rested and ready for what's next.   In my life the only real constant has been an enduring faith in Christ to bring me through the bad times.   I am definitely living in one of those moments.    My husband has been jobless for going on 8 months now and I am grappling with the age old admonishment to give my burdens to Him(Jesus) and just trust with all my heart.   That is what faith is.   Believing that Jesus is working on my behalf and waiting patiently for the good that will surely come of it.     If you have read this far then you are most likely seeking an answer to your own disaster.    Start with a prayer that gives your faults and failings to Jesus,   a belief that he really is Lord,  and a courageous stand for Him in every step you take.   Then just wait on answers as you seek His presence daily.   God bless until next time! 

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