Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sacred Cow Attack: Christian Parents That Serve Their Girls Up to The "Eye Candy" Culture

     As my kids and I were making our way through Callahan yesterday,  the Warrior Cheer squad was out doing a little fund raising on the street corners of our little city.    Some may drive through and reminisce about a long held tradition of small town spirit and a helpful flourish that all southern  small towns  are known for,  but I am reminded of something else and to share these thoughts will automatically make me anathema to people who at one point may have been my neutral acquaintances.   As time goes by and the more blunt I become,  the more I feel that some distance themselves from me if only to enjoy the feeling of being what they consider "less judgmental."     Well,  I will do my best to acquit myself of that charge and explain my position of never letting my girls join a team that at best promotes coy allure,   but at worst unashamedly displays young women as a sexy eye full of flesh.

     Here is an excerpt from an article that I think says it plainly:   Bobby Knight, long-time Indiana basketball coach, is known for speaking his mind. According to a recent report in the Houston Chronicle, if Knight were coaching in the pros, the first thing he would do would be to fire the cheerleaders. Referring to them as “bump-and-grind girls,” he said they are an unnecessary and inconsistent distraction: “It’s like we’re selling a picture of a naked gal on the cover of the Methodist hymnal.”

     I hear the din and stir that I'm causing right now within so many mothers who say "We are NOT promoting sexual debauchery with our daughters!"   To which I would reply,  "WHAT?!?!"    I remember occasions when I have dressed in clothes that were provocative(long way back, HaHa!) and if you do that while still being relatively attractive you can expect to be oogled, checked out,  and possibly felt up depending on who you are hanging out with.   Actually,  it's gotten so bad it doesn't really matter if you are dressed in any certain way.    The objectification of women and girls is truly astonishing, but what's even worse is that many a parent gives in to this team spirit parade simply because they too remember wanting to be "liked" or "popular."

     This Bible verse describes the young women we should at least be trying to raise.   I give you the words of the apostle Paul:  “Therefore I want the men in every place to pray, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and dissension. Likewise, I want women to adorn themselves with proper clothing, modestly and discreetly, not with braided hair and gold or pearls or costly garments, but rather by means of good works, as is proper for women making a claim to godliness” (1 Tim. 2:8-10). In like manner, the apostle Peter encouraged Christian women to be chaste and respectful in their behavior and dress (1 Pet. 3:1-4).

     To read the above and not be struck with the direct contrast that  our daughters would exemplify while doing the tawdry dances,  sensuous routines,  and all the while dressed to excite is to be both mentally and spiritually blind.    Many will say,  well what about beach wear?   Or to take the text above seriously we cannot let our girls fix their hair and wear makeup!   Each of those are good points.   The gist of the above is about modesty,   a quiet spirit that does not seek to entice and lure men in a way that can and should be seen by Christian parents as unholy and perverse.     If you want to pretend that your beautiful daughters are not receiving into their soul the pride filled achievement and knowledge of giving men a reason to "look,"  then carry on in that way as long as it brings no trouble to your life or hers.   I do not wish this on any person though.     To try my best to live a "Christian Life" is to warn others when the bridge is out.     In our day and time I see many people bowing at the alter of worldliness,  popularity,  and the pressure to conform.

     One more verse:  "Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God. "--  James 4:4.

     In closing I would say that whether it's swim wear,  dance recital costumes,  new school clothes,  cheer uniforms, etc.,   just ask your self if you are teaching your daughter to guard the gift of her appearance or flaunt it to the downfall of men and women alike.     I am not judging others,  but if I am "real"  I have a duty to say that we've lost our way and we as Christian parents must find it again. 

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