Sunday, August 14, 2011

It's The New Slavery

     In living a christian life we use catchy ways to describe our transformation from bound and suffering to released and victorious.   The stories of bondage to habits, music, thoughts,  programs and substances that destroy not only the human body but also the human soul are many.   The things that make us unique also make us prey to different  hang ups.   We are not victims.   We have a choice to make.   The  mistake that many make is thinking they can play with fire and never experience the heat.    Step close to the abyss and never fall in.    Sin has all the allure with  none of the warning bells.

    I'm convinced that many would stay put in their marriage if they just had the ability to see their new life and it's degenerative effects 10 years out.   That lovely cliche' about the grass on the other side being greener is so apt.  That grass you see over there is indeed attractive,  but  what if you knew it would be grass with infestation?   Infested with guilt,  lies told and received, abandonment of another and forsaking of children.  Several years out you discover that the new play thing is treacherous enough to steal a spouse, play provocateur to other men, and harm people's children.   While considering the affair,  nobody seems to ask them self what kind of female would lure a man away from his vows, his wife, his kids, and his peace.   A mean woman is the kind that would do that.   "The woman approached him, seductively dressed and sly of heart." --  Proverbs 7:10.     Once the ensnared man receives the poisonous woman into his heart the damage is already done.    The warning bell that God blessed us with is called your conscience or "Jiminy Cricket."   Listen to the cricket!

Some other issues that wait to ensnare:
  •   drugs and alcohol
  •   gossip
  •   greed
  •   hate
  •   laziness
  •   fault  finding
  •   pornography
    The best clue you have that you are walking close to the edge is when you suddenly have things to hide.   There's your warning bell.   Jesus is known as a light in the darkness for a reason.   It's because light does not hide anything!  Counterfeits are scary because they so closely resemble  what you know to be true and good.  Notice the words of this verse:  "And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light."  --2 Corinthians 11:14.    If Satan wants to lead you astray he will not drop the bare hook right in front of you.  He will bait that hook to look as attractive as possible.    Reading your Bible daily is like having an internal hook detector.    Slavery has always existed.   In thinking about the current  bondage that our country falls into with daily relish,  I see that we have taken the pretty hooks.   The new slavery takes up some old vice and fixes the hair in a new and stylish fashion,  paints the face up to cover the warts,  and then shoves the two of you in bed together.   This is why the Bible says to "flee" from evil.    Good luck noticing the hooks and traps that are set to claim you for the wrong team.

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