Friday, August 12, 2011

What if Your Prayers Seem Unanswered?

     Well,  I'll be honest, this is one of life's tough questions.    Think of your life as a flash flood.   You are desperately clinging to a tree top for survival.   Several coolers from your neighbors garages have floated by-- oh, there goes  a raft from Mrs. Miller's pool.    Do you continue clinging to the tree?  The water is getting higher.  You may need to rethink this.    Perhaps the coolers that keep floating by will get you through this mess you are in.   Life is very similar.    God wants to help us but we have these stubborn strongholds that tie us to the wrong things.     I cannot be sure why your prayers seem unanswered,  but I can tell you that it's in these moments of piercing silence that God sometimes sends us the clues to find out His will for us.   What we have determined to be the best outcome for ourselves very much influences the way we look at the bigger picture.    You may have prayed for patience.   Your kids are making you crazy!   Well,  ask yourself if God may not accomplish what you are asking for through the trial and error of learning to deal with your kids.    Another obvious point is that we sometimes think we need this or that and God just knows better.     It's no fun to receive that news,  but just know that all things work for the good of those that love Him.

     A personal story:   Here  we(my husband and I)  are,  struggling along with a jobless quagmire, feeling like it's going to eventually swallow us.    We have  prayed until our words have given out it seems.     The one shot we really thought he had to land a new job in the education sector has ended.   When I say that I was deflated I am understating it greatly.   Despair would be a good word to describe my most base reaction.   It was and to an extent still is an expression of fear.    Yes, I have talked to God, cried, begged, pleaded with Him to intervene on our behalf and yet we hear the piercing silence, the frustration of each and every job interview that fell flat on it's face it seems.    I could definitely go bitter,  acrimonious,  rage filled,  but I am,  with great pain I might add,  seeing that God may really need to put us through all this in order to grow us stouter legs,  more faith,  less pathetic complacency.    If you want a miracle  then pray for one,  but make sure you are aware that it will happen eventually and it might not be what you expected.    God has our best at heart so give in and give the whole of your life and troubles to Him.

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