Saturday, August 13, 2011

God's Love is a Symphony

     There is nothing quite like the feeling of being stranded, forgotten, devalued and maybe trampled upon. Notably, I am speaking  metaphorically.    Sadly though,  many people around us are forgotten, trampled, unloved and they no longer hear the music that gives light, air, and water to the thirsty soul.    In my own circumstances I feel the indelible mark of being on the outside trying to get in.    It is with exactly this trial that God has shed the light of a new purpose on my soul.     Who will God place in my path to encourage, share with,   or just befriend?    The purpose of living for God will cause you without fail to head in the direction of helping others.    It is God's love spread abroad in the heart of each and every true follower of Him that places the motivation to dry up another's tears,  feed them,  or simply give them your time.

"He defends the cause of the fatherless and the widow,  and loves the the alien, giving him food and clothing."   Deuteronomy  10:1

      It is said in the Bible that man cannot live by bread alone.     I have food and shelter and yet my heart yearns for something more.    I do not know  for certain what broken soul God will place in my path,  but if you are searching for that something that will give you meaning and a mission,  then consider every person you meet to be an opportunity to heal a hurt or provide a need.    One of my favorite parts of Les Miserables is when the priest denies that the thief, Jean Valjean, had stolen his expensive silver.   The priest tells the gendarmes that the goods that were found on Valjean's person was actually a gift.   The truth was that Valjean had knocked the priest over the head and stole them!    The priest tells Valjean that with the silver he has ransomed his soul from fear and hatred and now he's (priest) giving him back to God.     It's an incredible literary moment and Victor Hugo outdid him self  with that illustration.    We,  if we really love Christ,  are His ambassadors to a demented, twisted world.   One act of love can and sometimes does break the ice around another's heart.   Try it and see what happens. 

     Creative ways to release the Valjeans in your life:

1.   Give your  uncle your seat at the Thanksgiving table after he insults your husband.

2.   Say a prayer for the next person that flips you off in traffic.

3.   Say a prayer for yourself if you flip off someone in traffic.

4.   Take freshly baked cookies to the neighbor that is constantly screaming at your kids to keep off his 

5.    Give every person a second chance.  

     What if we knew of a verse that says to just keep being nice in the face of the rudest treatment?  Oh...look we do!     "Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good."   Romans 12:21 KJV
Look how, like a laser,  the Word of God cuts the smoggy pollution in our soul!    It's not easy but it will be transforming in many circumstances.   The people who do not respond or show any feeling despite your best efforts needs your prayers.   It's very true that we are only half of the musical.   If you are  blasted back by belching trombones and  heavy percussion then leave knowing you responded in a way that leaves you at peace.

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